Our products

The Granaio dei Medici brand products are synonymous with flavor, genuineness and territoriality: each ingredient, and each recipe, spring exclusively from the Mugello region and the 100% local supply chain is ensured.

100% filiera locale e controllata

For each branded product a production specification is drawn up to guarantee its quality and consistency. The control of compliance with production specifications is performed directly by the Association through professionals in charge. Local farmers who provide the raw materials and the artisans who transform and make the final product for the brand are regularly subjected to accurate inspections.

Each agricultural product comes from farming which does not use synthetic products such as glyphosate. This approach guarantees the maintaining of fundamental characteristics of the Granaio del Mugello’s products, such as genuineness and healthiness.

From farming which does not use glyphosate

Tortello del Mugello


With potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, flour and eggs: all ingredients spring from Mugello


The Granaio Dei Medici’s ‘Tortello del Mugello’ is made by hand by an artisan pasta workshop according to the traditional recipe recovered by the Mugello Delegation of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina.


This filled pasta is made only with selected ingredients produced in the Mugello region, from the potatoes to the extra virgin olive oil to the flour, ground from wheat grown according Agriqualità-approved techniques, to the eggs, sourced from free-range chicken farms.

Beer from bread

Tasy and virtuous

Light in colour and with a balanced mixed-cereal taste


Granaio Dei Medici and the Pane del Mugello consortium, in collaboration with Unicoop Firenze, have decided to produce a beer which can represent the Mugello territory – and to so by implementing the principles of a circular economy. In this case, by regenerating a precious foodstuff destined to be discarded at the retail level, channelling it into to a new production process to minimise waste.


The Birra di Pane, light in colour and with a balanced mixed-cereal taste, represents our territory. The malt, from barley grown in our fields, and unsold Pane del Mugello withdrawn from distribution unite in a new take on the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage.


Flavoursome nature

A Cannellone pasta with a meat filling,
made strictly from Mugello-area ingredients.


Beef from the members of the Cooperativa Agricola Firenzuola; fresh pasta made using a mix of flours from grains grown only in the Mugello region. A blend of local flavours in the territory’s ancient recipes.


A blend of local flavours in the territory’s ancient recipes.

Fresh pasta from ‘Senatore Cappelli’ wheat flour

The rediscovery of the ancient original wheat

Simply with wheat flour and water, without preservatives and added additives


One result of the rediscovery of the ancient grains is that the ‘Senatore Cappelli’ durum wheat cultivar is grown in the Mugello region’s fields, in accordance with specific agronomic protocols which respect both the environment and the consumer.


To produce their ‘Senatore Cappelli’ fresh pasta, local artisan pasta makers use only durum wheat flour and water, with no preservatives or other additives. This pasta is thus a healthy dietary product - and perfectly aligned with the Vegan philosophy.